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Prenatal singing is a well-being method as well as an complementary birth preparation, that can be used from the beginning of pregnancy until three months after birth. It was developed by Marie-Louise Aucher, founder of psychophony and by midwife Chantal Verdière in the 1970s.

Communication and connection with the child

Until the 5th month, the baby perceives voices only as vibrations, mainly through the bones. That is why the pregnant person plays a central role. From the 5th month on, the child can hear with its own ears for the first time and studies have shown that babies in the womb are already able to remember melodies. So the songs you sing during this special time will continue to accompany and soothe your children later on.

Your own body awareness

Prenatal singing comes from psychophony, so the focus is on the perception of the vibrations, the awareness of the body and the interaction of the different body parts. During my course, the pregnant person (and the accompanying persons) develop an ever finer and more precise sense for certain aspects which, unfortunately, one usually rarely pays attention to. Examples :  Movement of the pelvic floor and diaphragm, feeling the everyday vibrations down to the bones.

During birth

Intensive breathing training through singing enables a deeper and longer exhalation, which reduces pain during labour. With the help of deep tones and a gentle rocking while singing, both the baby and the parturient are calmed. At the same time, the vibrations and movements help to keep the pelvis and abdominal muscles relaxed.

A beautiful and adapted repertoire

Here you will learn beautiful songs. Pregnancy songs and welcome songs (which you can sing immediately after the birth), as well as numerous lullabies from all over the world, so that you always have something to sing after the birth!

Informations about room and time will follow 


Group lesson on sunday (90 minutes)

20 euros for the pregnant person

10 euros for each person accompagnying


Private lesson (90 minutes)

90 euros

Chant prénatal, Pränataler Gesang, Prenatal singing

Accompanying persons are welcome and can play an important role in the birth. They can support you on the day of birth in singing the low notes and long exhalations - and through their vocal presence ensure that you have no inhibitions about singing your contractions away !

Testimonials :

Léa, mother of Mattis

Chant prénatal, Pränataler Gesang, Prenatal singing

"Throughout my 2nd pregnancy I sang (and danced) with Marius and other expectant parents for myself and my baby. These sessions were very healing, I just loved it. I had a very calm pregnancy and birth and I think these sessions contributed to that. In her class we laugh, concentrate, centre ourselves, sing pretty things, feel the vibrations, train our breath and dance. I learned a lot about my body, my voice and my breath, and some beautiful songs. I gave birth at home and used the techniques we had practiced to help with the contractions and then welcomed my son by singing this wonderful welcome lullaby, it was just magical. My husband loved being able to participate too by singing with me throughout labour. He was very moved to be able to experience the birth in this way."

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