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Trans people

Why a Trans Choir?

For trans people, the voice plays a very important role. 

It makes up a large part of their identity - both in their self-perception and in the effect they have on the outside world. 

The choir offers you a protected space in which you can freely experiment with your voice. You will be in a well-disposed environment, so that you can experience possible changes accompanied by the group.

What is special about this choir?

Price :

180€ for a year 

(10 months from september to june)


20€ each month

with one month's notice


There is no fixed distribution of voices here. For example, you are free to sing the high voice at the beginning and switch to a lower voice at a later stage when your voice break is so far advanced. Or you can start with a low voice and later switch to a higher voice when your head voice has developed a bit more.


You learn to gain control over your voice and self-confidence. This way you can decide if and when you want to sound more "feminine" or "masculine". I show you how to do this during the vocal warm-ups and through the different songs. I use exercises from psychophony and classical singing in which the focus is on overtones and vibrations.

               Social relevance

The repertoire also reflects our theme: many songs we sing have been written by trans or queer artists, others have a textual reference to transidentity / queerness.

This makes us visible to the outside world at concerts and keeps our culture alive!

Fridays from 18:00 to 19:30

(except school and bank holidays)

in Berlin-Wedding

In order to give more visibility to the diversity of the trans experience and to keep enriching our sound, we are looking forward to every new member, and especially to transfeminine and BIPOC members, who are still underrepresented.

For a trial session just drop me a line and please do a COVID-test on the rehearsal day.
Boys will be bugs, Cavetown
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