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Childen's choir

In this choir we learn beautiful and funny children's songs and canons from the French-speaking repertoire with the support of movement and dance steps. Occasionally I bring along small or large musical instruments so that the children can try out many sounds and accompany themselves rhythmically with simple means.

Using Guy Bourgois' Bestiaire Phonétique, great psychophonic tool, in which each sound is attributed to an animal and a suitable song, I pay particular attention to correct pronunciation, posture and breathing technique so that the children develop healthy language habits right from the start. This also makes reading and writing easier

Rehearsals are in French, but I - and often the children - are happy to translate if a child doesn't understand something.

Age : 5 to 10 years

Every Wednesday from 4:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m

(except school and bank holidays)

in the KLL Studio

Ruppiner Strasse 4, 10115 Berlin



225 € for one year

(10 months from September to June)




25 € monthly

with one month's notice

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