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Here we sing a wide repertoire of French songs and canons with two to four different voices per song - from Renaissance drinking songs to contemporary artists such as Camille or Suzanne. Suggestions are welcome.

No musical knowledge or vocal experience is required. Together we will learn the basics for a healthy breathing technique and for a beautiful sound, and we will learn almost all the pieces without notes.


The rehearsals will be in French. Of course, I can translate if necessary. However, I only recommend this choir to people who have more than a basic knowledge of French and its pronunciation. Most of the members are native speakers and accordingly the texts are picked up fairly quickly.

Every Thursday 20:00-21:30

(except school and bank holidays)

in the KLL Studio

Ruppiner Strasse 4, 10115 Berlin



270 € for one year

(10 months from September to June)




30 € monthly

with one month's notice

Je suis un homme, Zazie
Ô bruit doux de la pluie (canon)
Z72_9092_2-alorson-chants (1)_edited_edited.jpg
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